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Watch out for these spring driving hazards

We’re finally getting out of winter. You may feel that without the potential for snow, ice and Nor’easters, you are much safer on the roads. In a sense, that is s true, but there are some unique hazards to look out for this spring.

Spring weather Driving Hazards

While not the rainiest state, Pennsylvania typically gets 3.67 inches of precipitation each spring. Rain is one of the largest accident-causing weather events. With rainfall leading to slippery roads and low visibility, it can be dangerous for drivers.


As the weather warms up, animals are coming out of hibernation and beginning to move around again. They are mating and foraging, and also going out into the road, often in front of unsuspecting cars.

Allergies and medications

Spring allergies are incredibly common and many medications to take to ease them. These medications can make you drowsy. You should always be careful to read the label of your medications and talk to your doctor or pharmacist.

Bikes and motorcycles

Who doesn’t want to be outside in the warm weather? Spring is ideal for bicyclists and motorcyclists. As a driver, you need to be aware of them and remember to always leave lots of room for them.


Wet winter weather, fluctuating temperatures and heavy traffic can create potholes. These can be damaging to your car and sometimes even be covered by standing water. Be careful to avoid puddles and potholes to keep your car in good condition.

Low tire pressure

Cold weather drains the air from your tires, so moving into spring, you should always check for underinflation.

Old wipers

Your wipers are likely wearing out quickly after fighting snow, ice and now rain. Without working wiper blades, you won’t be able to drive safely in the upcoming spring weather.

This season, roll down your windows, enjoy the sun and be careful of spring hazards while driving. Keep yourself and everyone else on the road safe by practicing good vehicle maintenance and alert