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5 winter weather driving tips

When cold weather, snow and Nor’easters hit, you know to be prepared, but what happens if you have to go out and about?

When you commute to work or go shopping, you rely on the property owners to make the sidewalks and parking lots safe. But when they fail to do so, you can be at risk of slipping and hurting yourself. As you go out and about, here are a few tips to avoid injuries on sidewalks they may have snow or ice:

  • Wear shoes with traction – Shoes or boots that have grooves and treads can help your feet grip the ground. The smoother your sole, the more at risk you are of slipping.
  • Pay attention to where you step – Keep an eye on the sidewalk in front of you. Dark or wet areas can be slippery, even if they don’t seem icy.
  • Walk on fluffy snow – Packed snow can be as slippery as ice.
  • Use your arms for balance – Avoid putting your hands in your pockets. You may need to extend them for balance.
  • Move slowly – Take slow, short steps. Try to give yourself time when you leave so you don’t have to rush.

Property owners in Allentown must clear their sidewalks within 10 hours of a storm. But if they do a sloppy job or fail to follow city ordinances, they can leave icy spots on well-traveled paths.

When you go out and about when there’s potential for snow and ice, you may want to rush from your car to the store. But staying cautious can help you avoid serious injuries.