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Be careful driving on Pennsylvania roads in the fall

Summer is trying to hang on in Pennsylvania, but fall is right around the corner. The calendar will turn to autumn in just a few weeks, and it’s worth a reminder of just how different driving is in each of the four seasons.

Fall brings about a number of changes, from the start of the school year to a drop in temperature to, finally, the end of daylight saving time.

Here are some reminders for safe driving in Pennsylvania this fall.

  1. Be on the lookout for kids. Kids are unpredictable. They might dart in front of your car in a hurry to get to the bus. They don’t always follow the rule of looking left, then right and then left again. And remember there’s a whole new batch of first-time drivers on the road. According to the National Safety Council (NSC), crashes involving teenagers go up in September and occur more frequently during the hours when school is about to start for the day and when it lets out.
  2. The days start getting shorter, and then we move our clocks back an hour on Nov. 4, meaning it’s going to start getting dark really early in the evening then. The safety council reports that while just 25 percent of driving is done at night, half of the traffic deaths happen during the dark.
  3. Take care of your tires. Tires with good tread and proper inflation perform better on wet roads. Remember fall brings unique hazards to Pennsylvania roads, such as wet leaves that can cause the road to be slippery. The colder it gets and the closer we get to winter, tires lose pressure and cars won’t handle as well. Really low tire pressure can lead to a blowout.
  4. Beware of glare. The fall glare can be blinding. Keep your sunglasses nearby and your windshield clean.

As a driver, you can do everything right but still find yourself in an accident with a driver who didn’t do everything just right. If you or a loved one suffer an injury in a car accident, a Pennsylvania attorney experienced in personal injury cases can help you recoup your losses that arise because of someone else’s negligence.