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Why it’s unwise to ignore slips and falls in Pennsylvania

Let’s look at a common scenario. You are attending a dinner party at your neighbor’s home. When it is time to leave, you go out the door, step on a patch of ice and end up with a knot on your head. The neighbor apologizes profusely while you pick yourself up and attempt to collect your dignity. You say that everything is all right and make your way home nursing a headache. After all, slips and falls are nothing to make a big deal out of, right?

In many cases, yes, you are right, but sometimes slips and falls can be far more serious than you believed. Before you ignore or dismiss the incident outright, consider that your head injury may be worse than you initially imagined. As lawyers helping Allentown residents with an array of personal injury cases, we have seen how seemingly mild head trauma can turn serious and even life-threatening.

Many of the symptoms associated with head trauma do not manifest for days, weeks or even longer. This means that you could be seriously ill without knowing that you are suffering from trauma. In fact, a great amount of time may pass before you connect any cognitive or physical symptoms with your slip-and-fall accident.

We understand that no one wants to take a neighbor or a friend through the legal system, but we also know that victims of head injury often require lengthy and expensive medical care. Dismissing or ignoring slips and falls can leave a victim without the means to pay for this care.

We urge all of our readers to expand their awareness about personal injury on another’s property and about premises liability in general. Please visit our website to learn more about the legal side of these issues.