Personal injury: An eye-opening New Year’s Eve hazard

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New Year’s Eve is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year. People are usually filled with hope about the possibilities of a fresh year and do not want their goodwill destroyed for any reason. Unfortunately, this holiday can be fraught with danger if you are not careful.

While no one should fail to enjoy the holiday, a small measure of caution can save you from starting the year with a brand new personal injury. As you might expect, some risks automatically increase on New Year’s Eve.

For example, if a person overindulges in alcohol, it could lead to a drunk driving accident. If a drunk driver strikes your car or your body, you could be saddled with serious injuries, which is undeniably a terrible way to begin 2018.

In another example, slip-and-fall accidents may increase during New Year’s Eve festivities, often because of intoxication. Even if you remain sober, someone who is drunk could trip you up, stumble into you or otherwise cause you to fall.

There is one common New Year’s Eve hazard that few people ever expect: eye injuries caused by flying champagne bottle corks. The amount of air pressure in a bottle of champagne is typically more than the air pressure in a motor vehicle tire. This means that corks can launch from the bottle at an astounding speed of 50 mph. If that cork hits you in the eye, you could suffer serious personal injury and even permanent blindness.

Stay as safe as possible this New Year’s Eve and remember that the law in Pennsylvania is on your side if you suffer personal injury caused by another party’s negligence. Talk with an attorney if you require additional information about your case.

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