Don’t ignore the dangers associated with cat bites and scratches

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It is true that most animal bites or attacks involve dogs, but cats can attack, too. Fortunately, most of these attacks are minor and only result in a little discomfort. However, there are times when cat bites and cat scratches could be more serious than you may think.

You probably already know that animal bites involving dogs can result in serious puncturing and tearing of the tissue. While cat attacks seem less serious to almost everyone in Allentown and the rest of Pennsylvania, it is still important to understand the risks.

The mouths of cats are home to a large amount of bacteria. When a cat bites a person, the tissue in and around the victim’s bite wound could become infected. In fact, a cat’s mouth often carries a highly pathogenic bacterium called Pasteurella multocida. If infected by this bacterium, the victim may suffer pain and swelling.

More seriously, the infection can spread to surrounding tissue resulting in fever or even blood poisoning. In rare cases, cat attacks can lead to severe or life-threatening infection. Most veterinarians advise victims of cat bites or scratches to seek a medical opinion. This ensures the victim gets the proper treatment and allows the physician to diagnose any potentially severe conditions that may develop.

Even though animal bites or scratches involving cats are rarely fatal, they may still result in significant out-of-pocket costs for the victims such as expensive physician visits and lost income. Anytime you or someone you love suffers an attack by another party’s pet, an injury attorney can provide information on how you may seek compensation for your injuries.

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