Dog killed in Pennsylvania: Justified shooting or animal cruelty?

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While the case discussed in this blog post does not involve animal bites to humans, it is a great example of the old adage that there are “two sides to every story.” Although no humans reported any injuries in this story, the case is not without victims.

According to the report, the man who allegedly shot the dog claims that it killed his chickens and then tried to attack him as well. The question Pennsylvania police officials now face is: Was the shooting justified or is this a case of animal cruelty? Here is what happened as reported in the media.

A family’s two dogs escaped their electronic fence and disappeared for several hours. Sometime later, an owner found one of the dogs dead approximately two miles from their residence. When the owner got the animal home, he saw that she had been shot in the head.

After speaking with a neighbor, the female owner of the animal confronted the man believed to have killed the dog. The man admitted to killing the animal, citing Pennsylvania’s dog law, which says a dog that attacks pets is classified as dangerous. If this man was right, he may have saved human victims from suffering animal bites, but if he was wrong, he may have killed the dog for little or no real reason.

This story is interesting because it has questionable elements on both sides. For example, the family did fail to keep their dog under control and restrained. At the same time, however, the man who allegedly shot the dog did so away from his personal property. Reportedly, law enforcement officials are investigating the case and looking at the possibility of animal cruelty.

When animal bites injure human victims but have questionable elements like the ones in this case, it is beneficial for victims to consult with an injury lawyer. This can help them identify if they have enough evidence to support a personal injury claim.

Source:, “Family Dog Shot in the Head,” Nikki Krize, March 22, 2018

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