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Why it is important to get checked out immediately after a crash

You were in a minor rear-end crash recently. Fortunately, the damage to your vehicle was minimal, and you and the other party exchanged contact information and squared things up with your respective insurance companies. However, now it is a few days later and you are starting to feel sore. You turned down treatment after the accident, but now you are starting to have second thoughts. Should you have seen a doctor after all? You are not alone in asking this question. Many Pennsylvania residents believe they are fine after a fender-bender only to find themselves increasingly sore in the days and weeks that follow.

You might be suffering from whiplash, a common injury that occurs after minor accidents, especially rear-end collisions. Many people downplay the potential severity of whiplash, accepting that it is an inevitable and manageable injury most people suffer at least once in their lives.

Yet, you should understand the following about whiplash:

  •        This injury involves the muscles, tendons and soft tissue of your neck and back and occurs when your head is thrown violently back and forth in a collision.
  •        You might feel fine immediately after a minor crash, but within the next few days, it is not uncommon to develop extreme soreness, stiffness and a loss of mobility.
  •        Many cases of whiplash resolve on their own, but you are just as likely to experience ongoing pain as well as numbness and tingling in your arms and hands.
  •        Many whiplash injuries can benefit from physical therapy, massage and prescription pain relievers.

As you can see, the best course of action right after any crash, no matter how minor, is to see your doctor within 24 hours. Prompt medical attention may diagnose an injury quickly, begin treatment if needed and get you relief from your pain sooner than if you decide to put it off. It is also important to get your injuries officially diagnosed as soon as possible if you are seeking compensation.