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Who is at fault in a truck accident?

Sharing the road with semi-trucks can be a little frightening. It can bring to mind images of a jack-knifed truck on icy roads or a rollover blocking the highway. 

Most trucking companies hire responsible drivers who receive extensive training on how to handle these large trucks. However, not all truck drivers meet the high standards set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). And Allentown motorists could also face risks from parties who are not on the roads. 

Several negligent parties could contribute to a semi-truck accident. These parties who are frequently at fault for severe trucking collisions include:

The truck driver

Of course, the truck driver could be at fault for the crash. The FMCSA has strict requirements that truck drivers must follow to keep roads and drivers safe nationwide. However, truck drivers can be just as reckless as other motorists on the roads. Like any other motorist, it is common for truck drivers to:

  • Speed
  • Drive drowsy
  • Drive drunk
  • Drive distracted

These irresponsible actions are already dangerous. And they can become even more so when a truck driver engages in them while operating a much larger vehicle.

The loader

The cargo that semi-trucks carry could be a significant risk in trucking accidents as well. The employees who load the cargo onto these trucks must also follow specific procedures since United States highways have weight requirements.

If loaders do not secure the cargo properly, the cargo could spill and lead to an auto accident. The driver could also lose control of the vehicle if they were not aware of the loader’s negligence.

The trucking companies

Trucking companies must oversee their drivers, loaders and processes. It is possible that they could be liable for a trucking accident if they:

  • Hire drivers without conducting a background check
  • Do not train drivers properly
  • Do not maintain or inspect the trucks 
  • Enforce impossible deadlines for drivers
  • Disregard FMCSA safety regulations

All of these parties have a responsibility to uphold safety standards and protect other motorists. So, it is possible the parties could share the fault of an accident. That is one of the factors that can make trucking accidents so complicated. Regardless of which party is at fault, anyone injured in a trucking accident as a result of negligence could recover compensation.