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Prepare for summer with these bicycle safety tips for your family

Although it is still chilly in the Allentown area, summer will be here before you know it. Enjoying outdoor activities in warmer weather is fun for everyone and bicycle riding is popular among all age groups. However, bike riding comes with risks.

A collision between a car or truck and a bicycle nearly always favors the motor vehicle. In fact, bikes are no match for automobiles weighing thousands of pounds. Victims of these crashes typically suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. Those who survive these crashes may need extensive and costly medical care.

By preparing you and your children for this fun summer activity, you can keep your family safe from bicycle-related motor vehicle accidents. Below you will find a few valuable tips to get you and your kids ready for safe summer biking.

  • Wear a helmet: Everyone in your family should have a properly fitted bike helmet. Make it a rule that no one rides without a helmet.
  • Check your bike: Before riding, give your bikes a once over to ensure the brakes function properly and the tires have the right amount of pressure.
  • Stick to bike paths: When possible, limit your biking to bike paths and lanes. Even riding on sidewalks does not always protect you from motor vehicle accidents.
  • Enforce education: Make it a requirement for everyone in your family to learn and understand the rules of the road for biking. Examples include obeying Pennsylvania traffic laws, staying alert to hazards and following the flow of any traffic.

Hopefully, motor vehicles accidents never impact you or your children when you are out riding your bicycles. However, if a negligent motorist does collide with your bike in spite of your attention to safety, the state’s justice system can provide you with a legal solution.

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