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Know what to do when dangerous dogs pose a risk to the community

Families often think of their pets as members of their family. And most of the time, dogs think of people the same way.

Sadly, there are some dangerous animals out there that can put individuals at risk of severe injuries and harm. And many residents up in Monroe County have recently faced such a risk.

Three dangerous dogs terrorize Monroe County

A woman in Monroe County owns three dangerous dogs who have wreaked havoc on neighbors and caused significant damage, with reports of them:

  • Killing two dogs, and injuring one
  • Killing seven cats
  • Biting one person

According to WBRE and WYOU News, the police have issued several citations against the woman over the years. And she now faces criminal charges of “Recklessly Endangering Another Person.”

Compensation available for injuries from dangerous dogs

Pennsylvania considers a few key factors to determine if dogs are dangerous, such as if they:

  • Attack humans or other animals without provocation
  • Have a history of attacking humans or animals
  • Seriously injure humans or other animals
  • Kill other animals when not on the owner’s property

Anyone who might face incidents with a dangerous dog has the right to pursue compensation for the injuries these dogs caused. Regardless of where the attack occurred, pet owners are strictly liable for their pet’s actions if they caused a severe injury.

What can you do if you live near a dangerous dog?

Unfortunately, most people might not even be aware that they live near a dangerous dog. To protect themselves, their family and even their own pets, it is critical that individuals:

  • Review the list of dangerous dogs: Anyone who owns a dangerous dog must register their dog in a list available to the public. Not all of them are registered, but it is still a valuable resource.
  • Report any risks to animal control: It is crucial for individuals to report any new incidents and safety concerns as soon as possible. This is a key step, as it could result in the removal of the dangerous dog.
  • Keep records: It may be helpful to install a camera to collect evidence of the dangerous dogs’ activities, especially if they roam about the community.
  • Prevent injury as much as you can: Keeping an eye on children and pets at all times is essential if there is a dangerous dog nearby.

Individuals should be able to feel safe in their own neighborhood. And they also should not have to worry about harm coming to their family or even their own beloved pets. But these are some essential ways that families can keep their loved ones and their community safe from dangerous dogs.