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How To Prevent Dog Bites This Halloween

Halloween provides fun and excitement for children and adults, but it can seem overwhelming to dogs. Canine companions may feel intimidated by the trappings of Halloween that seem like harmless fun to adults. Flashing lights, loud noises, frightening costumes and unfamiliar people are just a few ingredients that may prompt dogs to lash out and bite.

Many dog owners do not believe that their pets would attack a human. Many people do not anticipate that a friendly looking dog would bite them. However, this Halloween, dog-owners and trick-or-treaters alike should know how to avoid dog bites.

· How owners can prevent dog bites

If you own a dog, you must take the initiative to prevent your dog from biting revelers. You must use extra caution, as courts often hold pet-owners liable if their dog causes injuries. Make sure that they are secured with a crate, leash or baby gate away from the crowd. If the weather permits, sit outside so that trick-or-treaters do not have to startle your dog by ringing your doorbell. Tire your dog out by taking them for a walk in the afternoon, and provide many treats and toys to distract them.

· How partyers can avoid attacks

Even if you do not own a dog, you can still take important safety precautions. Avoid stopping at houses that have a dog that is barking or seems nervous. If you do visit a home that has a dog, maintain a respectful distance from the animal. Tell the owner that you are wary of dog bites, and ask if they can secure the animal in another room.

If the dog does attack, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Because dog-related injuries can cause expensive medical bills, trauma and lost wages, many people who survive attacks choose to consult an attorney.