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How can you identify fault in a pile-up or multivehicle crash?

If you have ever been victimized in a motor vehicle accident involving two cars, then you understand how complicated it can be to prove fault. Now, imagine the complexities that arise in a pile-up or a motor vehicle accident involving three or more automobiles.

Most people living in Pennsylvania attribute multivehicle crashes with ice and snowy weather. While weather does play a significant role in pile-ups, they can still occur at any time, often without warning. In the aftermath, many involved in these crashes have no idea how the collision occurred, much less who caused the motor vehicle accident.

Law enforcement does what it can to investigate the scene, document the evidence and explain how the accident occurred. However, it might take a more thorough approach to uncover the true fault of the crash, which might involve more than one party. Uncovering liability is important for several reasons, such as:

  • Receiving accurate insurance compensation
  • Avoiding blame for the collision
  • Identifying who to sue in a personal injury claim

Making pile-ups even more complicated, insurance companies often assign percentages of the blame to multiple motorists. For example, one party might receive 60 percent of the fault for driving too fast and another party may receive 40 percent of the fault for driving without functioning brake lights.

It is a monumental task for someone injured in the collision to uncover fault without assistance. Personal injury law firms know how to investigate motor vehicle accidents involving multiple automobiles. They also have access to a wealth of resources that can uncover 100 percent of the fault. This means victims who lost a loved one or suffered injuries in such an accident have the best chance of acquiring the maximum amount of compensation.

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