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Judge awards $25,000 for lack of wet floor safety

Most Pennsylvania residents probably don’t think twice about seeing a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign. However, these warnings serve an important purpose. Even subconsciously, wet floor signs and special mats help passersby avoid the potential dangers beneath their feet.

Without proper warning, residents are at risk for slip-and-fall injuries, which can cause serious physical harm. Such was the case for a postal worker in Marysville, who slipped in the doorway of the post office a few years ago. The preceding rain that day had turned the entrance to his workplace into a hazard, but no floor mats or signs were in place to warn him.

The postal worker was both lucky and unlucky. He was obviously unlucky that he fell, which injured his knee and required surgery to treat. However, he is lucky in the sense that this was the main injury he sustained. Slip-and-fall accidents are known to cause spinal trauma, concussions, and even death in severe cases.

After the fall, the employee was left with significant pain, difficulty walking and expensive bills to pay for his surgery. He brought a lawsuit against the federal government, which is responsible for ensuring that post offices follow safety protocol. The judge recently found that the post office failed to provide mats and signs as necessary. Therefore, the federal government must compensate the worker for a sum of $25,000.

It’s a common misunderstanding that pursuing a personal injury lawsuit can only help with medical bills. In fact, 80% of the award in this case covers “pain and suffering.” Courts understand that these injuries have emotional and lifestyle consequences, some of which may be permanent. However, compensation can help slip-and-fall survivors confront the difficulties that could have been easily prevented.