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Costly mistakes people make after a traumatic brain injury

Nobody begins the day expecting to sustain a life-changing injury before the day is over. If you suffer head trauma, though, this may be exactly what happens, so it is important to respond appropriately and prioritize your health, wellness and recovery. A traumatic brain injury can occur in almost any kind of accident that involves sudden, jarring movement of your body including a motor vehicle crash or a slip-and-fall accident.

To prioritize your well-being, you should avoid making any of the following costly mistakes. How you handle a traumatic brain injury is important, and sidestepping these errors can ensure that you can recover comfortably. 

Neglecting care

Too many people hit their head and quickly write it off as no big deal. Even a minor blow can dramatically affect your brain function and your life if you do not seek medical attention right away. Brain tissue can become bruised, just as any other part of your body does. However, the symptoms can be difficult to spot, which could cause you to neglect care. 

According to the Lehigh Valley Health Network, subtle symptoms of a concussion could include blurry vision, loss of concentration and irritability. The biggest mistake you can make following head trauma is deciding not to have a doctor examine you.  

Failing to document

In addition to neglecting medical care, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is neglecting to document the details of the injury. If you only have a verbal account of the injury and its causal events, the negligent party that caused your accident – or the negligent party’s insurance company – may easily dispute your claim. If you thoroughly document the injury with photos, notes and records of related expenses, you will have a much more solid case to present. 

Keeping quiet

One of the most important things to do after an injury is to inform the authorities.  If you hit your head in a car accident, be sure to mention your injuries when law enforcement responds. This will ensure your injury is documented in police reports, which will provide vital evidence if you should choose to pursue financial compensation.