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Avoiding pedestrian-involved motor vehicle accidents at night

Regardless of why you choose to walk at night, we want to remind you of how to avoid pedestrian accidents. Even though many of the things we will discuss are common nature, we all sometimes give in to complacency. If you have always walked in the dark and have never experienced an incident, you may be especially prone to complacency, and that can be a recipe for disaster.

Unfortunately, we see far too many pedestrian-involved motor vehicle accidents. In most of these cases, the person on foot proves to be a poor match for a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. The injuries these victims suffer are often catastrophic, taking them away from work and denying them the small and large pleasures they once took for granted.

As injury attorneys, we aid victims by fighting insurance companies for the maximum amount of compensation you are due. In cases involving a negligent or reckless driver, we also help by guiding victims through motor vehicle accident claims. However, we feel that the best way to help all residents of Allentown is by offering a few safety tips for walking in the dark.

  • Choose well-lit areas so that you can identify approaching vehicles
  • Wear reflective gear so that motorists can see you
  • Avoid cellphones and other distractions while walking
  • Walk on sidewalks whenever possible
  • Only cross roadways at intersections and inside crosswalks if possible
  • Always keep an eye on the traffic patterns
  • Never assume your path is clear, use your eyes and ears to make certain

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