3 ways to protect yourself while bicycling

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Cycling enthusiasts in Pennsylvania are of all ages and backgrounds. Whether you use your bicycle as an eco-friendly way to get to work or you use it to enjoy the fresh air and get exercise, it is essential to take precautions to keep yourself safe.

1. First and foremost, wear a helmet

You are at a higher risk of injuries than the drivers or passengers of the cars around you because you are relatively exposed while riding a bicycle. A bicycle helmet can be the difference between a severe injury and a fatal one. The majority of fatal bike crashes involved bicyclists who were not wearing a helmet, according to the National Safety Council, and helmet use can reduce your risk of head trauma by over 50 percent.

2. Ride with traffic

Taking care to obey traffic laws is another essential step you can take to keep yourself safe. Bicyclists should use the same side of the road as other vehicles and follow traffic lights and signage.

3. Remain in control of your bicycle

You cannot always prevent debris or other hazards from impacting your ability to cycle, but there are other precautions you can take to ensure you have control of your bike. Remaining sober will ensure that you can react quickly to any problems that arise, and avoiding distractions like cell phones will help you stay alert.

While caution can protect you, it cannot prevent every bicycle accident. In the aftermath of a crash, be sure to contact the authorities to report the accident, seek medical help and speak to an attorney about whether you might be eligible for compensation.

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